Family is everything

Those morning cuddles.

The conversations that you have at the grocery store.

The laugh that is so contagious that you end up crying.


When was the last time your family was photographed?

Let me tell you something.  It's a little bit of a confession.  My first two daughters were born 14 months apart.  For my first daughter, I pulled out our big camera and documented every single detail.  Every toe, every finger, the tiny little bit of hair on top of her head.  Every milestone, I was able to capture.  Then her sister was born.

Because they were so close together, I was overwhelmed with motherhood.  My days were mostly surviving with these two little ones, and although we got some photos, for the most part, my youngest daughter has virtually no photos of her as a baby.  And my husband and I are photographers.

Has this happened to you?  Did you take all the photos with your first child, but then miss out when your second was born because you were overwhelmed?

Can you look back at your photos over the years and remember what they looked like at different stages of life?

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