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Hi there. Lindsey here. For the longest time, I have had something stirring within me. It stems from being a woman, wanting to feel beautiful, wanting to create something of beauty, and wanting to create something of lasting significance.  I want to create beautiful portraits.

I’m sure you’ve had the same experience. One where you had something stirring deep down inside of you that you couldn’t put down. That you wake up at 3am thinking about and can’t wait to contact someone and start planning but you know that 3am is not an advantageous time to text someone.

This is my dream. I want to create an amazing experience for you. I want you to feel pampered and catered to. More than anything, I want you to know the true beauty that is within you.

Many years ago, I was at a party. A guy walked through the door and asked if I thought people would mind if he took photos. Through those photos I caught a glimpse of myself that I had never seen. I was beautiful. I was radiant. I saw myself through the eyes of the beholder.  I ended up marrying that man just over a year later!

Much of the time we don’t actually see ourselves the way that everyone else sees us. We pose awkwardly for a group photo or look at ourselves in the mirror. So often we pick out the flaws that we see instead of our true beauty.

I am here to show you who you really are. The gorgeous hot woman that everyone else sees. I want to give you photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime and will proudly display not just online or on social media, but in a way that is tangible.

I want you to feel how beautiful you are.


Because no matter what, you are worth it. 

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