Do you find it challenging to feel confident in your photos? Do you aspire to exude beauty but question if it's within reach for you? Do you often doubt your photogenic qualities? Rest assured, we understand. Our laid-back approach is geared towards capturing professional-quality photos that authentically represent you, ensuring you feel recognized and empowered.

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Personal Brand Photos & Video

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Transformational Portraits

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At Brian + Lindsey Photography, we believe everyone needs an judgement free zone to feel seen & heard, this is why we offer life-transforming photoshoots that bring out the real you. We believe that everyone is beautiful & deserves to have gorgeous photos taken of themselves. We understand that it takes a lot of courage to see your real self..

That’s why we help you feel comfortable all along the way.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Schedule a zoom call with us so we can plan out your session face to face.

Step 2: Come to your session and have your hair and makeup done (if needed) so that you can look and feel amazing.

Step 3: Experience a Same Day Reveal where you get to choose and purchase only your favorite photos right away, without the FOMO of, “How did they turn out?”.

So book a zoom call with us today, so you can stop hiding and start showing up in your power because honestly, you deserve this!


Brian + Lindsey here! We have been photographers for 17 years, as long as we have been married.  We started out as wedding photographers, and after about 10 years and 350 weddings, we realized that the message behind women’s portraits aligns with us and where we are at, so we decided to do these transformational sessions in our home studio. 

In 2015, we moved our family of 6 from Wisconsin to Atlanta to start a new life.  We quickly realized that we had to reinvent ourselves in a new area and find our new voice to really connect with the right women who really wanted what we had to offer.

All of our sessions are 90% conversation, 10% photos.

We have seen women change from the inside out and documented that whole process. 

The result was an amazing transformation that we saw before our eyes. 

We are all about the mind, heart, and soul behind the business.

In late 2020, we started coaching photographers 1:1 and then mentored in a mastermind, which was a 12-month intensive aimed at helping photographers get leads, book them in, then raise their average sale before we ventured out on our own.  Our mission is to really pour our hearts into creatives to help them authentically connect to their business identity, to brand themselves, and to charge their real worth. 

What We Do


Branding Photography and Coaching

Branding is so much more than your logo and your website.  Of course those things are important, but it's more about your personality and your presence online.  The best way to do this is by showing up consistently in a way that other people will know, like, and trust you.  

We have created a few different offerings to help serve the businesses around us the best.  First and foremost, we offer personal branding photos either in our home studio or in a location that works best for you.  So if you have a home or an office that screams your brand, let's do it there.  Have more of an edgy style?  Let's go out onto the streets.  However it works, we want to show off you and your brand to truly represent all that you are.

The second thing that we offer is more personalized coaching for your business.  The photos are amazing and will definitely help, but if you want to dive deep, we will help you implement it in a great way.  With our group coaching model, you can take cues from other businesses in your niche to really hone in on exactly what your message is and how you want to represent to the world.

The best thing is to actually bundle the two together!  We offer up to a 50% discount when you do this.  Let's get you in, take photos, and then walk you through ow to implement it all on social media.

Our home studio in Kennesaw, GA, so if you're local, come on in and we will get you amazing branded photos.  If not, we can travel to you for an extra fee.

Transformational Portrait Sessions

It is so hard to describe what it is that we do.  Yes, it's photos.  Yes, you get your hair and makeup done and the end is gorgeous photos that you'll cherish forever.  Photos that will outlive you.  But the reality is, there's something in between that is so transformative that we end up changing lives in our studio.  I know that sounds trite to say.  But we have had women come back to us and say they lost 50 lbs after their session because they finally understood who they really are.  Or started a new business because of the encouragement we gave them during their session.  Or one of our ladies wrote a book afterward and used our photos as the cover!  

We have a home studio in Kennesaw, GA where we pamper you with our amazing hair and makeup artist then set up a safe space where you can say whatever you want, dress however you want, and feel however you want.  We want you to be seen, heard, and loved.  We want you to (Finally) Fall in Love with Yourself, because honestly, you are amazing!

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Like what you see here?  The first step in planning out your photoshoot is to get on our calendar.  We've created a simple system that allows us to compare our schedules and get email reminders all along the way.  Let's get this party started!

Our home studio is nestled near Kennesaw Mountain just north of Atlanta.  We have a sunroom in the back of our house with some of the most gorgeous natural light.  Click below for directions.  Our sessions are by appointment only.

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